28 December 2006

my style is meti-ti-ti-culous-culous-ulous

[this is your new years eve synths'n'sirens dance party mixtape]

click on the boxes to download. two halves = one cd's worth of maximashed 2006 essential-jamz. black tie optional. don't look at the tracklist if you want to be surprised!!

part one (37:42)
four tet - pockets (minimal version) • gianfranco del reverberi - nel cimitero del tuscon • lupe fiasco - kick push • dj shadow ft. keak da sneak and turf talk - three freaks • marie serneholt - that's the way my heart goes • the pack - vans • cassie - me&u • prince - black sweat • lily allen - ldn • timbaland - give it to me • spank rock - backyard betty • justin timberlake - sexyback • ratatat - wildcat • teddybears - different sound • margaret berger - samantha • belle and sebastian - blues are still blue • ciara - promise • bertine zetlitz - 500 • junior boys - in the morning • lady sovereign - love me or hate me • christian falk ft. robyn & ola salo - dream on • kleerup ft robyn - with every heartbeat • hot chip - over and over (justus kohncke mix) • cansei de ser sexy - let's make love and listen death from above (spank rock mix) • hilary duff -play with fire • the knife - we share our mothers' health (trentemøller remix) • the raconteurs - steady as she goes (radio slave and tommy sunshine remix) • herbert - moving like a train • jessica simpson - a public affair • matmos - steam and sequins for larry levan • pet shop boys - flamboyant (michael mayer kompakt mix) • justice vs. simian - never be alone • the beatles - drive my car/the word/what you're doing • hannah montana - best of both worlds • booka shade - in white rooms (elektrochemie remix) • delays - valentine

part two (42:11)
four tet - pockets (minimal version) • tom ze - o amor e um rock • fergie - fergalicious • arctic monkeys - fake tales of san francisco • paris hilton - nothing in this world • ellen allien + apparat - turbo dreams • madonna - sorry • nelly furtado - maneater • the rapture - w.a.y.u.h. • thom yorke - atoms for peace • morningwood - nth degree • solvent - an introduction to ghosts • chamillionaire ft. krayzie bone - ridin' • daedelus - samba legrand • camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken • peter bjorn & john ft. victoria bergman - young folks • the pipettes - pull shapes • amy winehouse - rehab • okgo - here it goes again • the ark - one of us is gonna die young • lillix - sweet temptation • aly + aj - not this year • the veronicas - 4ever • the strokes - juicebox • sway - up your speed • t.i. - what you know • rihanna - unfaithful (supa dups black chiney remix) • beirut - scenic world • barbara morgenstern - the operator (album version) • nadiya - tous ces mots • beyonce - irreplaceable • corinne bailey rae - put your records on

merrie melodies and happie holidaes! enjoy this: i worked for many many hours to bring it to you, and i am almost a-hundred percent content with it. let me know if it makes it to yr party.

....just sent in my pazz'n'jop ballot. no major surprises except i decided to sneak in "give it to me" [timbaland ft. nelly furtado and justin timberlake] as my #3 single of the year, glibly ignoring the fact that it won't be released until 2007. i guess everyone else is playing by those rules, since it's way too ridiculously good not to have been making tons of lists otherwise. (on the other hand, you could say that about my #1 as well.) i admit that this feels like a highly questionable move - as far as i can tell, it hasn't been released as any kind of single at all. [i would never think of doing this on the albums list for the leaked '07 full-lengths i've heard.] on the other hand, here it is on YT. so i dunno. plus it just feels like such a 2006 song, name-checking both "sexy-back" and "promiscuous" in addition to featuring their creators. also, "amnesty international went bankrupt (i'm on top, on lock)"[??]

that song, like almost all of my favorite singles and songles from the year, are featured on the above mixes, save for a few which were on other mixes earlier, and a couple i'm saving in reserve. (notable omission - amy diamond, who is was going to fit in towards the end until i ran out of space-time.)

albums-wise...i'm going to hold out a little longer on posting my list. there were a couple of surprises on the P+J ballot that may or may not make my final top ten - i'm waiting until after this weekend and some more time to consider before finalizing the list, and when i return i'll have some more detailed things to say about my final picks. i can say, however, that i gave paris 20 of my 100 points.

ok. off to the mountains now. have fun dancing!


Anonymous said...

This mix is so cool. WE SHARE OUR MOTHER'S DUFF! Apologies for the hotlink but my server is soon to be defunct. Might switch over to snapfish. I love love love how Hannah resists being usurped.

Anonymous said...

Also, it was mean of you to forcibly "correct" Joanna Newsom. I think that's what you were doing, right?

Ross said...

i'm sorry joanna. that was mean.