17 January 2008

'007 is sleeping in heaven

i think that about wrap(s)ed it up for capp(s)ing it off, 2007-wise. well ready to be done with it. well chuffed. the only thing that's missing in terms of replicating my round-up ritual from last year is a list of mixes - well, as it happens there's really only one that i care to mention (just didn't hear that many this year), and i have retroactively tacked it on to the end of my albums list. as for the mixes that i made (the ostensible subject of this blarg, remember?), they were few, but they made me happy at least: popsical/summertime, the theoretically-still-in-progress love is the dancer, and the nostalgia-trippin' supast*rdeejays, which i will finally get around to slapping up here, next post i promise. (also: marriage is hot..., musician plugs ii, and two volumes of ladies love for my sis.)

i just saw my idolator ballot today...well, for the first time since i wrote it, i suppose. (nevermind the results for the poll as a whole; they're as boring as they're supposed to be, which goes for the editorials as well.) my favorite part is that i got the chance to vote for rumble in the jungle, a compilation of early 90s british ragga/jungle which was possibly my only actual "favorite reissue" of 2007 (that actually came out in '07.) i don't think i ever managed to mention it here or anywhere but it contains some of the most exciting, life-affirming music i can think of, so much so that i broke down and ordered the thing at full price after just listening to the sound clips on the soul-jazz website (just listen them!)

was also glad to see that i saw fit to vote for "stay my baby" and "oh my god," even though neither made the new years mix. meanwhile, my essentially off-the-cuff comments said roughly what i needed to say in my lengthy apropos-of-albums commentary a couple posts ago, and more besides, but in only two paragraphs. "indecisiveness is a good thing."

finally, definitely the most fun part of the whole idolator pop thingummy is their collection of commissioned annotated mixtapes. which is dangerously engrossing (if you're me), and makes me want to hear them all, though i'm a little curious whether they all actually work that well as mixes. needless to say, i already made mine and annotated it, both in hyper-extensive fashion (the annotations took me nearly as long to complete as the mix itself, i think.) maybe you even looked at it. (you should at least listen to it - much more fun!) but i didn't really give you the track list in a very accessible fashion, so here it is again, without the interruptions. goodnight goodnight two-double-oh-seven. time to get away.

[1] cassie: "is it you?"
fantasia: "hood boy"
amerie: "gotta work"
amy winehouse: "you know that i'm no good"
sharon jones: "tell me"
the budos band: "ride or die"
[2] katharine mcphee: "love story"
dizzee rascal: "pussyole (oldskool)"
dj khaled, ft. pretty much ehrrrbody: "we taking over"
ashley tisdale: "he said she said"
justice: "d.a.n.c.e."
britney spears: "piece of me"
low: "hatchet"
aesop rock: "none shall pass"
nelly furtado: "say it right"
[3] gwen stefani: "the sweet escape"
tracey thorn: "it's all true"
hilary duff: "dreamer"
lcd soundsystem: "get innocuous"
matthew dear: "pom pom"
nôze: "love affair"
will.iam: "heartbreaker"
roisin murphy: "let me know"
[4] escort: "all through the night"
aly+aj: "like whoa"
rihanna: "please don't stop the music"
the chemical brothers: "a modern midnight conversation"
gui boratto: "beautiful life"
von südenfed: "fledermaus can't get it"
[5] bonde do role: "solta o frango"
calvin harris: "the girls"
muscles: "sweaty"
dan le sac vs. scroobious pip: "thou shalt always kill"
armand van helden, "nyc beat"
[6] sophie ellis-bextor: "me and my imagination"
stanton warriors ft. sway: "get 'em high"
m.i.a.: "xr2"
cornelius: "wataridori"
simian mobile disco: "love"
modest mouse: dashboard
fujiya and miyagi: ankle injuries
r. kelly ft. t.i. and t-pain: "i'm a flirt (remix)"
burial: archangel
[7] miley cyrus: "see you again"
candie payne: "one more chance (mark ronson mix)"
spoon: "you got yr cherry bomb"
the ark: "absolutely no decorum"
tegan and sara: "back in your head"
sally shapiro: "he keeps me alive"
[8] lethal bizzle: "police on my back"
shop boys: "party like a rockstar"
dude 'n nem: "watch my feet"
björk: "declare independence"
aberfeldy: "do whatever turns you on"
pop levi: "pick me up - uppercut"
skye sweetnam: "ghosts" (with tim armstrong)
[9] avril lavigne: "girlfriend (remix ft. lil mama)"
sugababes: "about you now"
paramore: "misery business"
the veronicas: "untouched"
maxïmo park: "our velocity"

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