04 November 2008

citizen up!

Elx Day Special!

title: Get Out The Fuck!
format: CD
date: October 29th, 2004
packaging: jewel case with canvassing map, masking tape dispenser inserts, and a little propoganda card that makes the spine say THE BUSH-CHENEY RECORD

tracklist (courtesy reminced):
1. the laws have changed • the new pornographers
2. rapture rapes the muses • of montreal
3. lies • the knickerbockers
4. burning with optimism's flames • xtc
5. this will be our year • the zombies
6. rebellion (lies) • the arcade fire
7. this is our emergency • pretty girls make graves
8. 1976 • rjd2
9. simon says • pharoah monche
10. get up • the coup f/ dead prez
11. the end starts today [tommie sunshine mix] • bis
12. making flippy floppy [live] • talking heads
13. nothing can stop us now • st. etienne
14. nothingsevergonnastandinmyway(again) • wilco
15. mr. president • clinton
16. electioneering • radiohead
17. bedlam • elvis costello and the eating pastas
18. i am a tree • guided by voices
19. parade • garbage
20. wake up everybody • harold melvin and the blue notes

wow, four years ago! so long ago! back when i had just moved to philly, back when we wanted john kerry to be president. back when i liked the arcade fire! back when new elvis costello albums were still exciting! back when i was just discovering of montreal, and nobody else had yet! back when i listened to hip-hop (?) back when i was burning with optimism's flames, (unlike now, where optimism just seems realistic and reasonable, and "realism" seems pessimistic.) back when i was a tree for halloween (hence track 18.)

so this was my election day mix, obv. for listening to on election during GET OUT THE VOTE funtimes, titled in reference to our canvassing director's campaign to get us all to hook up (which worked in my case), and also to "simon says" (aka get the fuck up), the semi-title track.

still a very exciting and inspiring listen, even though i was too sick-feeling today to do much more than get out and vote myself... lots of great tunes that i don't think of much anymore. canniest inclusion is probably "making flippy floppy," even though i just put it on for the kerry flip-flop reference and didn't even realize until after the fact how apropos it is:

"the president's crazy - did you hear what he said?"

incidentally, i got an email from david byrne urging me to vote because he (as a green card-holding immigrant) can't.

also, the "laws have changed" brilliance: "all hail what will be revealed today"...

"form a line to the throne!!"

this will be our year!

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