17 June 2009



title: seep wo
date: october 2007 [conception] - june 2009 [release]
format: cd
price: $5
packaging: hand-printed cardboard case:

with hand-printed cd:

and type-written (copied) insert:
track listing:
1. sleep, eat, have visions - four tet
your snore - lullatone
brahms' lullaby - awry
zzz - motohiro nakashima
i'll read you a story - colleen
plea for a good night's rest - devon sproule
the couple in bed together under a warm blanket wrapped up in each other's arms asleep - of montreal
night flight to your heart - tim hecker
-sleep/swim - múm
lazyboat - triosk
now and sleep - daedelus
shsh shsh - marc ribot's ceramic dog
lord, blow the moon out please - hem
huye luna luna luna - george crumb/orchestra 2001
nightfall - gonzalo rubalcaba
moonbeams - the for carnation
moondear - need new body
13 moons - delia gonzalez and gavin russom
what is a componium, pt. 2 - colleen
leg 2 - the tough alliance
bedfordshire - saint etienne
tahazzut (lullaby) - djur djura
as the moon spins around - manual
floating moon - susumu yokota and rothko
lullaby - si*se
goodnight goodnight - spiritualized
eternity one night only - cut copy

goodnight, sweetheart, goodnight - the spaniels
sleepy song - tindersticks
good night - the beatles
magnetic moments of spinning objects - silje nes
dream a little dream of me - the mamas and the papas
first dream called ocean - helios
all i have to do is dream - the everly brothers
sweet dreams - patsy cline
beautiful dreamer - future pilot aka
moon dreams (live) - miles davis
dream - douglas heart
dream - tindersticks
dreamland - black box
asleep and dreaming - the magnetic fields
i was deep in a dream and i didn't know it - colleen
i dreamt i was throwing stones at the sea - théodore
no dreams last night - the clientele
blues dream - bill frisell
it's the same dream that lasts all night - piano magic
happiness nuggets - colleen
lullaby for grown-ups - ane brun
sleeping jiva - kula shaker
hemmelig orkester - björn torske
murmuration - robin saville
not a number - apparat
night sight - air
nightvision - daft punk
slight night shiver - m83

3. sleep song - claudine longet
i went to sleep - the beach boys
-sleep/swim - múm
drift to sleep (the last song) - lucky soul
the rapidity of sleep - darshan ambient
sleep on it - sonna
sleep - the dandy warhols
god blessing - cex
to thee this night (i will no requiem raise) - donnacha costello
sleep in my arms - sally shapiro
night bus - burial
pillow - adem
pillowcase - dntel
paranoid writings - seeds of sleep - pantha du prince
alone - adrien klumpes
dulciter somni - johan agebjörn
midnight souls still remain - m83
lullaby - gonzalo rubalcaba
a sleepin' bee - bill evans
sleep - pernilla anderson

4. 'round midnight - bill evans
judgement at midnight - gary lucas
upon a veil of midnight blue - mary coughlan
'round midnight - carmen mcrae
'round midnight - gil evans
davos s (trio 'round midnight) - jan jelinek
the last one to fall asleep with - yuka honda
between waking and sleeping - club 8
lung shadows - the the
somewhere between waking and sleeping - air
blues dream (reprise) - bill frisell
sleepy-town - jim white
sleepy man blues - bukka white
one night and it's gone - colleen
carnt sleep - saint etienne
lengthwise - phish
asleep in the crowd - théodore
like a rolling stone - cornelius
frosti - björk
la familia (guy sigsworth remix) - mirah
la familia - mirah
rock me to sleep - jill sobule
i wanna sleep - no age
sleep will come - the durutti column
night flight to your heart - tim hecker
sleep warm - cornelius

5. sleep warm - frank sinatra
discrete entropy - loscil
sleep - elvis costello
fib01a - keith fullerton whitman
sleeping diagonally - the six parts seven
i can't feel my hand any more, it's alright, sleep tight - múm
another ballad for heavy lids - stars of the lid
sleeping in the midday sun - town and country
windmill wedding - air france
horizon - hatchback
asleeping in the sunshine - motohiro nakashima
wake - future clouds and radar
the rising sun - arp
wake up wake up - lullatone
a new day arrives - johan agebjörn
asleep from day - the chemical brothers
we leave you in a cloud of thick smoke and sleep outro - prefuse 73
tired - low
li'l hilda - fuck

6. i'm never as tired as when i'm waking up - lcd soundsystem
i'm so tired - the beatles


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