26 January 2010

2000s mixbursts: finis

ok. 'sbeen real. the party was awesome and epic, so much fun to see everybody dancing and singing along and enjoying this music that i'd essentially spent the previous two weeks putting together. "thanks for epic megamix of my dreams" said ['08 mvp] emily bate.

i'mma stop now though... 23 mixes, roughly six and a half hours. ought to fit neatly onto five cds, though i will have to do some figuring about how to make that work. 23 isn't a particularly nice number, but it happens to be the date of the day i completely finished the last mix (it was almost finished on the 22nd, when i was saying i had broken the date barrier.)

the fun*a*day thing was a nice idea, but i feel like my time's probably better spent other ways than making eight more mixbursts, even if the story as it now stands is only partially told. still, for a survey of an entire decade's dance music relayed in the span of one evening's worth of listening, and given some strong biases and limitations inherent in the project (heavily focused on readily recognizable, primarily american pop music, and specifically hip-hop and r&b), i think i did a pretty decent job of balancing range and variety (and some notion of "historical accuracy") with accessibility and nostalgia-maximization, while also including a smattering of more personal favorites.

here's the "playlist" order from the party. you can download any or all of the mixes from the links below. so you can more or less recreate the party for yourself, but not quite, because a lot of the transitions were somewhat tweaked in their final form for enhanced seamless smoothness. (i haven't figured out how to share that version of the mixes yet... i guess i'll eventually make them into five cd-length maximixes. which may mean the mixburst concept was more trouble than it was worth, but oh well. got a lot of content up here anyway.)

hey ya:

(reinvented sex)

[nobody was really here yet]
#1 [2000]
#4 [neptunes]
#5 [electro/clash]
#7 [french 1]

[getting into it...]
#11 [rock]
#6 [mashups]

[first peak]
#3 [timbaland]

[slight lull]
#12 [soul]

[whipping to a frenzy]
#15 [novelty]

[epic megamix of my dreams]
#2 [2003]

#23 [comedown]

[bonus trax]
#10 [french 2]
#20 [indie]

oh, and - here are the final statistics on the number of tracks for each year:
2000: 43
2001: 33
2002: 32
2003: 31
2004: 40
2005: 23
2006: 28
2007: 26
2008: 23
2009: 14

(didn't check my work, so this could be wrong. but i like how - relatively - even it came out. look at how '04 surged ahead there! '00 def. benefited from a lot of inclusions that could have also been considered '99 fairly easily - though i don't think i ever bent the rules too far there... n.b. '09 was at a disadvantage for obvious reasons, but also because i tried not to duplicate too much from the 2k9 new years mix - though i did get to include several that were unjustly left off of that one - but, i have to say, i feel like it primarily suffered simply for not being as good a year for music. k.)

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