06 February 2007

mystic crystal revelations

better do this before i get too far behind / ahead of myself:

Title: liquid crystal slivers
Format: CD-R
Date: december '06-january '07
Packaging: jewel case with navy and silver artwork made from cut-up folder and aluminum foil, with typing on the foil, and a line drawing (from my headphone instructions) of a headphone-wearing dj-boy with no pupils crying a big silver tear.

(maybe we'll get an image of the cover here sometime. [eta: eventually!] for now, these crystals are silver, a word i left out of the title because it was redundadant.)

Made for alyssa. because there was no one better to make a mix for. because there is no one better to make a mix for.

my mixtape muse, if i have such a thing.

[1] Sensuous 4:18 Cornelius
[2] Love Knows (No Borders) 3:22 Howe Gelb
[3] Since K Got Over Me 3:47 The Clientele
[4] Turn On Me 3:35 The Shins
[5] If It Weren't For The Words 3:35 Edith Frost
[6] I'll Walk Away 3:59 James Hunter
[7] Black Flowers 4:24 Yo La Tengo
[8] The Grass Is Always Greener 4:39 Barbara Morgenstern
[9] I'll Keep My Baby Warm 3:47 Charles May and Annette May Thomas
[10] Moodswings 3:09 Charlotte Church
[11] This Piece of Poetry is Meant to Do Harm 3:26 The Ark
[12] Accident & Emergency 3:12 Patrick Wolf
[13] With Every Heartbeat 4:13 Kleerup ft. Robyn
[14] Broken 3:56 Bertine Zetlitz
[15] Just Like A Woman 4:47 Bill Frisell
[16] When the Deal Goes Down 5:04 Bob Dylan
[17] It Can Only Get Better 3:27 Amy Diamond
[18] I Don't Know What You Got But It's Got Me 4:05 Little Richard
[19] FM 5:46 Junior Boys
[20] Indefinite Leave To Remain 3:08 Pet Shop Boys

started out more as an informal, informe, mix/playlist (concurrently with gold star for robotboy, sort of as a repository for songs which wouldn't fit there), and gradually became ambiguously but decidedly for/about you, much as this entry started out as impersonal reportage and is turning into a direct address. hard to say what i mean that it's about you, cuz it's hard to say (except in the case of "if it weren't for the words," which has always reminded me of you.) eh, you're probably not even reading this.

i guess the mix speaks well enough for itself. it's mellow, it's about love, like music is. it's pretty much just the songs. i think every one of these songs is beautiful, and i think several of them are astonishingly beautiful.

p.s. the reference in the title is at least as intentional as the references, in the shins and clientele tunes, to which it refers.

p.p.s. peter guralnick calls that little richard song (which doesn't sound like any little richard song you've ever heard before) "the mount rushmore of soul." i didn't read that until after i'd made the mix, however.

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the fire boss said...

I'm reading this now, you spontaneous and radical mixmonkey.

What I mean is: thank you very much.

It's nice to get such a down-tempo disc. Feels like it's not trying to prove itself. As you put it: chill.