27 March 2007

spring broke

some signs point to i should make a mix for spring, about now. which would have to be called:


spring mix (what else.)

here's one: three seasons ago it was summer ['06 ] and i made popsical. three seasons before that it was autumn ['05] and i made october is eternal. three seasons before that it was winter ['04-'05] and i made wintry mix. and now it's spring ['07] and a seasonal mix might be due.

this was basically the first mix i ever made for mass distribution. i devised a way to fold paper sleeves for it, and passed them around a few days before spring break at college. it still sounds pretty great to me:

title: we will fight them on the beaches
format: cd-r
date: just pre- spring break, 2003
packaging: just a folded piece of colored paper, cut to make a little tab.

1 free • cat power
2 mbgate • max tundra
3 all bad ends all • the books
4 buttoned down disco (fila brazilia disco frisco mix) • clinton
5 springtime in new york • jonathan richman
6 a touch of spring • daedelus
7 the teacher • super furry animals
8 twenty long years • joel x. blecher
9 fear farms • com.a
10 get in or get out • hot hot heat
11 promofunk • soft pink truth
12 socs hip • the lilys
13 come out to play • ub40
14 sold! • enon
15 majestwest party • majesticons
16 makeleke • damon albarn et al.
17 burning with optimism's flames • xtc
18 groovy girls make love at the beach • gary wilson
19 losing your affection (client on demand mix) • future bible heroes
20 such great heights • the postal service
21 temptation/star guitar (live from brixton academy) • the chemical brothers

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