27 January 2014

Cups to the Stars: 2013 in Review – The Mix(es)

I wasn't actually sure this was gonna happen this time, but...I made a dance mix.  All the tip-toppest 2013 jams.  Decidedly, willfully less elaborate than past year-end blow-outs (2012 felt like an untoppleable pinnacle anyway, why try harder?) – it ended up being probably more involved than I intended, but in a happy-medium kind of way.  It's probably a much better dance mix for not trying to be all fussy and cute.

It was finished (in the form you see below) well before New Years, and I could have pretty easily posted it then; failed again, but there you are.  Instead, hear it is now.  Tracklist below but as always don't look if you wanna be surprised.  Just pop it on at your next dance party (for ≥1 persons.) It'll work, trust me:

1. Four Tet: Your Body Feels
2. Jeri Jeri: Lignou Mome (Mark Ernestus Ndagga Version)
3. The Knife: Without You My Life Would Be Boring
4. Dungeonesse: Show You
5. DJ Rashad: Let It Go 
6. Miley Cyrus: We Can't Stop
7. Justin Timberlake: Mirrors
8. Machinedrum: Gunshotta
9. Congo Natty ft. Rebel MC, Tenor Fly, Daddy Freddy, Nanci Correia: Get Ready
10. Lorde: Royals
11. Débruit and Alsarah: Khartoum
12. Kitty: Barbie Jeep
13. A$AP Rocky ft. Drake, 2 Chainz, Kendrick Lamar: Fuckin Problems
14. My Bloody Valentine: New You
15. Drake: Hold On We're Going Home
16. Jagwar Ma: Uncertainty
17. Major Lazer ft. Busy Signal, the Flexican and FS Green: Watch Out For This (Bumaye)
18. John Wizards: iYongwe
19. D E N A: Cash Diamond Rings Swimming Pools (Lou Teti Remix)
20. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell: Get Lucky
21. Robyn Thicke ft. T.I. and Pharrell: Blurred Lines
22. Classixx ft. Nancy Whang: All You're Waiting For
23. Disclosure ft. AlunaGeorge: White Noise
24. Disclosure: When A Fire Starts To Burn
25. Todd Terje: Strandbar 
26. Franz Ferdinand: Right Action
27. Chance the Rapper: Pusha Man
28. Breakbot: Break of Dawn
29. Cut Copy: Free Your Mind
30. Daniel Avery: Water Jump
31. The Arcade Fire: Reflektor
32. Chvrches: Gun
33. Factory Floor: Turn It Up
34. Sophie: Bipp
35. Marek Hemman: Hooray
36. Cayucas: High School Lover 
37. Lindstrøm & Todd Terje: Lanzarote
38. Ylvis: The Fox
39. Holy Ghost!: Dumb Disco Ideas
40. Kowton (Livity Sound): More Games
41. Ciara ft. Future & B.o.B.: Body Party (Remix)
42. Special Request: Body Armour
43. M.I.A.: Come Walk With Me
44. Demdike Stare: Primitive Equations
45. Omar Souleyman: Ya Yumma
46. Kanye West: New Slaves
47. Chrissy Murderbot: Waffle House
48. Four Tet: Unicorn

key points:
• makes doubly good on the four tet rule by not only starting (in what ended up being a semi-shoehorned-feeling way, unfortunately) but also ending with killa kieran
• "mirrors"/"gunshotta" team-up pretty sublime, imho
• my bloody valentine and drake (x2!) – a mash made in heaven! – who knew?
• twenty-thirteen twinsies two-pack of pharrell daft and pharrell thicke, followed by classixx ft nancy/disclosure ft. alunageorge – in both of these cases i found i could hardly dj one of these songs without the other all year.  so fitting to have them all clumped together here.  dumb disco ideas epitomized.
BIPP!  there were almost no last-minute year-end-list discoveries here, either because i was just really on top of things this year or just felt happy to stick to my familiar guns, but so so pleased i cottoned on to this in time.  what a bipp!
• glad i could slot in that crowd-pleasing novelty smash by everybody's favorite norwegian comedy duo, lindstrom & todd terje.  wait, what?
• what's that kanYe?  I kan't hear ye! sourrey man!

theoretical revision/addition wish-list:
• Janelle Monae, "Dance Apocalyptic" (was really trying to fit this in around the jagwar ma/major lazer moment, but just couldn't make it work.  robbed.)
• Vampire Weekend (probably would've been a better choice than Cayucas.  oh well.)
• Paramore probably
maybe Beyoncé ("Blow" I guess?)
• actually, you know?  I'm really pretty happy with it.  the main thing would be to shave off ~40 seconds so it would fit onto an 80 minute CD.  I did originally but then I decided to let "Unicorn" finish playing out/slowing down.

Oh yeah, I also made a Favorite Songs of 2013 mix.  Pretty limited edition for now, but maybe I'll make some more (/revise?) sometime.  I can make you a copy if you want:

1. Neko Case: "Man"
2. Veronica Falls: "Waiting For Something To Happen"
3. Vampire Weekend: "Unbelievers"
4. Cayucas: "High School Lover"
5. Caitlin Rose: "Menagerie"
6. Little Daylight: "Overdose"
7. DENA: "Cash, Diamond Rings, Swimming Pools"
8. John Wizards: "iYongwe"
9. Classixx: "All You're Waiting For"
10. CHVRCHES: "Gun"
11. Superchunk: "Me and You and Jackie Mittoo"
12. Saint Rich: "Young Vultures"
13. Kacey Musgraves: "Follow Your Arrow"
14. Cass McCombs: "Brighter"
15. Devon Sproule + Mike O'Neill: "You Can't Help It"
16. Lucius: "Tempest"
17. Tegan + Sarah: "Now I'm All Messed Up"
18. Paramore: "Still Into You"
19. Bleeding Rainbow: "Waking Dream"
20. Free Energy: "Dance All Night"
21. Bibio: "À Tout à l'Heure"
22. My Bloody Valentine: "New You"
23. Dungeonesse: "Soon"

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