20 July 2007

styjuke on boy-group

not really sure why this is here, but i guess it is...

I'm really torn here - on the one hand, I've long thought it was high time for a Four Seasons reappraisal, both critical and popular (Not sure if Jersey Boys is a step in the right direction or not.) So while I'm thrilled by the existence of this track, the modifications it makes to the original are almost alarming minimal: "edit" is definitely the operative term, don't call it a remix. There are no new elements - the breakbeat and handclaps are in the original, they're just slightly beefed up (though the double-time soul claps on the second bridge are a nice touch) - so all Pilooski did, other than add some silly echo effects, and cut out a nice piano lick or two, is loop a couple of sections to make it longer. It's not even faster! So that's why it doesn't particularly sound much like a 2007 dance track. That said, it still sounds pretty great as is, and there's something to be said for not messing with a good thing - also nice that he chose a relatively minor FV&FS tune (this only reached #16 in 1967, as opposed to their seventeen top ten singles)

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