07 March 2008

bubble pop electrik

or, if you're not down with the miami aesthetic steez (these were actually posted around somewheres, no thanks to me):

had a hot gig last night. great party - really good turnout (for a thursday?) thanks, apparently, to a gal from drexel with an extensive facebook friendlist. but also to my friends! a whole bunch of 'em! thanks for coming out guys!

and i was pretty pleased with my deejaying, although it has also spurred me into lots of ideas for ways to improve (modifications to my setup - working from just a laptop and a dinky audio interface is appealingly portable, but i realized that it would be advantageous to add my mixer to my mix; i'm enjoying figuring all this out for myself as i go along - and also things to work on and think about.)

i recorded my set (so easy to do with traktor!), or at least 2 1/2 hours of it (i missed the beginning.) if my reconstruction is correct, here's what i played before that:

dot allison - mo' pop
cornelius - another view point
kaada - thank you for giving me yr valuable time
evie sands - i can't let go
donny hathaway - the ghetto
dee dee warwick - rescue me
alex gopher - destokage massif
the tough alliance - a new chance
metro area - soft hoop
sambassadeur - kate
james brown - mother popcorn
the juan mclean - give me every little thing (b-dude complained about me cutting off maceo's solo)
temptations - cloud nine
afrika bambaata - looking for the perfect beat (12")
yaz - situation
luke vibert - cash'n'carry acid
phoenix - if i ever feel better...

and that's around when the dancing really got going. listen for yrself - this'll be up for download for the next 7 days or 100 d/ls (yeah right):

ross of love @ bubblehouse, 3/6/08 [part one] (a single m4a file, 1 hour 40 minutes)

there is a [part two] (just under an hour), but i think i'm gonna keep it to myself (unless you ask real nice) - it's a bit sloppier and borrows from existing mixes a fair bit, and the place had mostly cleared out by this point - but it went like this:

justin timberlake - what goes around...
prodigy - out of space
keith mansfield - young scene
lucky soul - add your light to mine
el-p - lazerfaces warning (rjd2 rmx)
isley brothers - it's your thing
snoop dogg - drop it like it's hot
jean knight - mr. big stuff
sway - products
amy diamond - what's in it for me
cassie - is it you?
isley brothers - love the one yr with
squarepusher - come now my selector (sweet - this played out over the next two tracks)
lauryn hill - lost ones
outkast - ms. jackson
beck - nicotine and gravy (ryan the booking dude rocking out)
strokes - is this it?
jamie lidell - what's the use?
blur - to the end (ryan loves this one too)
lucky soul - lips are unhappy (yay for rava)

nothing engraved yet, but it's looking like i may be playing bubblehouse every thursday night, at least starting in april, since the next three thursdays are busy with texas, purim, and texas. (currently debating what to do about the hot chip tickets i have for april 10th...and the ny and dc shows are souledout...doh!) if so (and if they ask me), i may decide to call it "bubble pop electrik" - not bad rite? but what's the call on naming yr night after a song that's not really very good, even if the genre's about right?

oh, p.s. - as you may have noted from the flyer, "bubblehouse" is now a genre of music. (not just an mmw jam - though i gotta remember to play that sometime.) it's the fusion of bubblegum and house. y'know. that exists, they just forgot to call it that. (it's like, "handbag house" or something. nava says handbag girls are annoying to dance with.) can a mix be far off?

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