17 June 2011

robyn + rye rye

hmm...just came across this. apparently it just appeared yesterday. (so, doing ok on the insta-blog-reaction tip, for once.) two of my fave genius poplets of the last while...together at last(!?):

worth a watch or ten, obv, for the clothes alone... rye's green jaguar jacket + turquoise illuminati dress combo is particularly amazing, but really nobody's wearing anything less than stunning here.

and the song? hm... well i think it successfully avoids tarnishing "be mine"'s delicate everlasting perfect magical tenderness, tho it hardly adds anything that the original song was missing. and ryeisha's spitting is on point as ever. but: i'm not at all sure that this is what i want/need to be hearing from either party here... rye can do so much better than what's basically a lazy whole-hog hook interpolation. [though if that's what it's gonna be, it's possibly preferable to something like this miley cyrus interp – which i previously didn't know existed – why did I not know there was a Rye Rye mixtape!?! – notwithstanding that the Philly flamethrower DJ Sega gutter club action is def closer to where I want her to be energetically. may or may not be preferable to this other brand-new rye rye jawn, which is a bit too rote of a banger – she quotes m.i.a. but it actually reminds me more of spiss' goofball, go-nowhere bloodshy-produced "my slang."]

it's also just sad to realize that "ft. robyn" doesn't mean what it once did [i.e. guaranteed utter brilliance] – see also teddybears' hokay-but-lackluster sub-dragonette fluff "cardiac arrest," which album i just reviewed for amg. even though it's good to hear her back in sensitive/ballad mode, which she does so beautifully but was mostly absent from her 2010 mega-output.

still: for a summery, easy-going pop'n'b trifle, it'll do just fine. [i guess time will tell if this has the staying power of "your love," but i kinda doubt it – that song at least had its own hook to offer too.] and it can't help but make me smile.

reminds me i need to get on de-warping my copy of the "bang (ft. m.i.a.)" 12". also, rye rye needs to put out an album already.

also, there better be some big summer pop hits pervading my consciousness right soon, cuz so far that has not happened. can we work on that?


Bobby G said...

ummm... coming to this late. I think the amazing thing about this video is that Robyn (who I think of as one of the smallest people I've ever seen on stage) seems to tower over Rye Rye, who must be truly diminutive. or maybe they were never in the same location for the shoot and everything is whack.

music-type-writer. said...

Rye Rye is indeed extremely tiny. Though I agree that the video does not entirely convince me they were ever in the same place. (It does seem that Robyn re-sang he hook, however.)