23 October 2006

he's the dj, i'm the typist

guess what, i started a myspace page. i guess in keeping with the franchise it ought to be myncepace. the point is to promote my dj activities, or at least have somewhere to put things about them for anyone who might be interested. for now you can read about my two upcoming gigs, neither of which i have a very good idea about so far. i'll probably have more to say about those as they approach.

the more significant thing is that you can listen to a dj mix i made. (well, you can listen to it from that link too now, obviously, which is probably easier or at least more efficient - but it took a reasonably lengthy internet adventure to figure out how to make it play at myspace, so it would be nice if somebody wanted to listen to it there.)

the mix borrows heavily and wholesale from a different mix i made and wrote about here a while back. you might have heard that one (which was cassette only) if you're dave or a couple of other people, but probably not. and anyway it's better now. so check it out.

again, the project is to combine soul and electro/dance-pop in fluid and interesting ways, and to make it all danceable. while the "original" draft prided itself on being essentially live - well, this one isn't. the transitions are almost all live, but with multiple takes cherrypicked in editing (which i did - as well as the recording - in garageband, which is not ideal for this kind of work, but can be made to work okay.) it took me three days last week to make, including a good day and a half of work before i realized that it was only recording in mono, for some reason, and i scrapped everything and started over.

i'm decently happy with the result. i played it (over the internet! isn't that cool?) at a party last night, and people seemed to respond well, although it wasn't a dancing sort of a party. i want to make another mix of similar length to accompany it (this will probably be the second half) as my dj demo cd.

so this site was originally supposed to be a lot about my mixmaking, but i haven't written much on that lately - probably because i haven't really made a mix in a long time, for mostly unexamined reasons that may or may not have to do with having attempted to formalize my approach to them. (i do have a distressing tendency to be less interested in doing things once i've decided they're what i ought to do.)

and now here's a mix cropping up somewhere else, so perhaps this site should be retitled mincetypes. or perhaps i'll get back into it. (especially now that i have a place to put pictures of them.)

these are some things i've been listening to, tonight and earlier: the raspberries, there are but four small faces, the warp 10+1 comp, the jackie deshannon lp louisa gave me, swayzak's loops from the bergerie, "ain't no other man" and "me & u", the strokes album (the new one - gabe and i expounded at length on its glories the other night), pink (albums 2-4), the beatles. my current all-time favorite songs include the junior boys "first time" and carla thomas' "b.a.b.y."

if you want more music writing (woohoo!) i've got a little bit to say about paul simon over on reminced. because to paul simon is not just music, he's a part of life.

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