04 October 2006

just like i never did before

listening to my long-suffering copy of the cream of clapton this morning, i notice that e.c. seems to be pretty bad at singing lyrics. i mean, "i told you 'bout the swans that they live in the park"?

well, that's all.

dad-rock ruminations will have to wait. decoding of paris' paris persona coming soon (i don't think it's really all that fragmentary, mr. bedbug.)

damn i want to hear this don byron plays jr. walker thing. i'm such a sucka.


Dave said...

Well, my preferred word is "elusive" -- it's always Paris (just like it's always Hilary or always Cassie, someone I need to listen to more). And the main point, if there is one, is that whatever it is, it's not the same as her tabloid persona. But please refute!

Ross said...

i don't know her tabloid persona well enough to speak to that. but her persona on paris seems pretty blunt and unmistakable to me. and i like that about it, though i'm sure that means i like the persona. i'll do a bit more close listening and give a full report.