30 October 2006

i feel (all this) love (and space)


now that i've got that out of my system (for a little minute), i'm gonna keep you on your toes by listing, in scattered commentary form, some singles i'm feeling these days. blam!! (not that any of it is especially timely):

i feel single(s)

[apart from "i feel love" that is - funny belting that out, on my bike, waiting for the light at broad and spring garden - like who am i trying to convince i feel love i feel love? anyway been going to paradise @ key west lately (see me up there? thanks for photos - that's from last week when optimo played there!) and adding italo disco to the growing list of "subgenres to investigate, learn, and master, preferably in a single feverish evening of downloading". also crushing on "i feel space" (not news, but sogooditssogooditssoetc) and wondering what follows logically.)]

"i feel time...love...joy...i feel space...i feel...me." (?)


also feelin all this love like whoa. uh, more on that later. (haven't seen the video yet.)

feeling ain't no other man. found it a little tacky at first, i think the horn stabs seemed canned and flat, but it's got me now. i actually do think it's pretty soulful. (and stylish, duh, classy i guess, badass even?) anyway i like the lyrics.

also love a public affair, which is technically (obviously) doing an '80s throwback thing, but the song itself for some reason sounds sort of like the '60s to me (like the xtina song, which is pretending to be a '30s throwback, at least based on the video.) i wanna layer that opening glockenspiel line over the end of "crash and burn girl," but it's too late 'cause i already did that with paris. haven't heard any more from either of these albums, but i guess i should.

me & u is probably up there for actual-pop single of the year. when i first heard about it from kate she said it was all about the (undenibly awesome) synth line, not the vocals. (then she tried to sing the synth line - the plinky clave one, not the high winding one - which wasn't very helpful.) but in fact i've had the melody in my head all the time, and have been singing that (which doesn't work so well either, at least the part where i can't sing three-part harmony with myself.) this fits really well over the pack's "vans", which is similarly cool and more than a little ridiculous. (2nd cassie single=also hott.)

otherwise...not hearing too much rap this year (again). i like "kick, push" (quite a lot), but i'm not quite feeling the lupe fiasco album (and the title and cover aren't helpful.) maybe i'll get there though. meanwhile, whatever else it may be, "3 freaks" is a lot of fun. hyphy is on that subgenre list - i'll report back later. (maybe my cousin in SF knows something.) (oh yeah - i like "ridin'" too, especially the sinister synths.)

i like pretty much everything i've heard from the beyonce album (more than the first two singles, actually, though they were both fine) but the standout for now is totally irreplaceable. yay for pop with melodies.

what else? love love love young folks (ooh, cartoon whistling!) and was psyched to hear it out dancing on my birthday. does this mean i should like the concretes? it's good that people are fusing '60s pop and contempo dance, so that i don't have to do it all by myself.

not so new, but i just discovered "this is the world we live in" (whoa, maybe better not to watch the video?) reminds me a little of "i could be that woman." speaking of christina milian, i should probably see what's up with her album these days. should also find out who alcazar are exactly.

i love the whole ark album, and i'm glad they seem to be catching on a little bit, but it's all about "one of us is gonna die young" as far as annum-ruling singles go. (scissor sisters are nice too.)

and speaking of singles of the year (which i'm not), don't think i've forgotten about 4FR, for eva-evah, forever-ever! cause i haven't, and it still works as good as eva.

"pull shapes" and "LDN" meanwhile...are still quite nice too. and the camera obscura singles are sounding stronger, if anything.

oh, before i forget: not like i need to say any more about paris(ite), but i'll take the opportunity to post this video, because i think it's awesome. (it has a moral!) (also it's for one of the best songs this year.)

not feeling so much:
"sexy back" - eh, it's ok. but why are all the hipsto djs playing this and not better current chart pop? the groove is pretty cool for mixing. but nothing else about it is at all interesting. the auxiliary vocal bits in particular are pretty annoying (possible exception: "let me see what yr twerking with.") supposedly it's better in the context of the album (?) (it is somewhat better in da club, i guess.)

"bossy" - also sometimes gets played at the khyber, etc. i want to like this, but the chorus vocal is really annoying and non-melodic. the basic beat also isn't that good. i do like the "diamonds on my neck" part. and "she's fine and she's pretty."

ETA: "get myself into it" - um. well. why is it so slow? why doesn't luke jenner sound like he's into it? (i mean besides that being lyrically appropriate.) sure, you can dance to it, sure, it segues smoothly out of madonna's "holiday." but the beat's uninspiring, there's no real hook, the saxophone is neither obnoxious nor at all memorable. extra points detracted for the notably awkward scansion on the title line. (gotta get myself intto it.) i don't hate this song - i don't really have a problem with it, i just really hope there's something better on the album.

"london bridge" - is not in this category because i don't like it. actually, i do like. a lot more than i thought at first. the bari sax poppin' groove is really really hot and fresh-sounding. her vocals i'm only so-so on (and no comment on the lyrix.) the worst part is actually the hook (also the only part that sounds like "galang", contrary to what some have said.) i even like the goofy doo-doo-doo bridge. also: the OH SHIT/SNAP needs to be at the beginning of my year-end mix, if i can get voices to sound like that saying "OH SIX!"

so that's that.

i feel (my)space

what's really been obsessing my headspace for the last twelve+hours, which i feel silly about waiting until this late in the post to menion, so i'll probably do it again later, is this mix, which i finished at about 6am last night/this morning, and then finished a little bit more after i woke up at 11:30. (added the big star bit at the end, not 100% sure about that.)

it's an attempt at a "straight-up" dance mix, for demo purposes among other things, following angela's wise suggestion that i try to make a demo mix of "regular club music," by which she meant no oldies. of course, it's not exactly all that straight (or entirely free of oldies, though you have to be fast to catch them.) but i think it works pretty damn nice. what brought all this up is that some (actually only three? that's silly) of the singles i mentioned above are included.

what does it say about me that i feel much more cheesy (faux-guilt) about using the lindstrøm track than christina aguilera?

i'd give a track listing, but it's probably more exciting without. but please take a listen. for the most part it hovers around indie dance territory (er, whatever that means) even though it's primarily synth-based - it does get rather trancey at times, which was not deliberate but i like it anyway. (comes of mixing late into the night perhaps?) the transitions are mostly live (with a bit of live 3-way turntable/cd action towards the end) but heavily cherrypicked and edited. (i'm getting more fluid with garageband.) also: note that it obeys the four tet rule. i dedicate it to my roommate who has been mysteriously absent all weekend, enabling me to occupy the living room with my various projects (this + my newspaper jacket, also made a pie last night that i haven't touched.)

and the title of the mix is (ahem):


(because of the similou track which i consider the centerpiece of the mix)

i want to post it on this (typically time-sucking, but atypically awesome) ilm thread, and the electro-soul mix too, but it won't let me sign in, and the password reset isn't coming... hm...

anyway (you might have guessed) it's also at mymymyspace. yay!

so that's what's up. what's new with you?

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