11 January 2010

2000s mixburst #1: "2000"

new project!
in preparation for my houses's 2000s nostalgia party; as somewhat sluggardly participation in and/or adjunct to fun-a-day 2010; and just generally in culmination of a decade of music-sponging, i have decided to embark on a series of mini-mixes (one a day? 31 by the end of january? sure, why not...)

the concept is for each one to be 10 minutes long [10m x 30 = ~4 cds = 5 hours = as long a dance party as conceivably possible], but i have already botched that with installment #1, which is 17:30 exactly. so maybe i'll go for a rough average of ten minutes. or, okay fine, fifteen. [10m x 30 = 15m x 20.] ten-minutes-on-average-a-day?

the only rule is that all the music should be from the 2000s (and, basically, it should all be solid gold classic material), but the guidelines are that at least most of them should be dance mixes (for the party), and some of them will be roughly conceptual (though for dancing purposes i'm more interested in keeping things varied, and for mixing purposes i might start using concepts like "90 b.p.m.") i won't necessarily do one for each year, but the first is an attempt to snapshot the state of things (pop-wise, mostly, but also from my particular perspective) at year zero of the decade:

#1: 2000 [17:30]

blink 182 - all the small things
macy gray - i try
lee ann womack - i hope you dance
*nsync - bye bye bye
britney spears - oops, i did it again
destiny's child - jumpin' jumpin'
outkast - so fresh, so clean
common - the light
jurassic 5 - monkey bars
christina aguilera - come on over
the apples in stereo - the bird that you can't see*
eminem - the real slim shady
aaliyah - try again
sisquo - the thong song
madonna - music

*this was my jam so hard at the time... i think it might have been the first time i'd heard indie rockers trying to make music you could dance to.

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