12 January 2010

2000s mixburst #3: timbaland

picking up where i left off last time (with "cry me a river"): the decade according to timbaland. god damn... admittedly his brilliance was kind of focused early in the decade, plus that shining resurgence in 2006 that has somewhat fizzled since. still: his brilliance... cannot be denied. this is pretty much a master-class in straight bangers, including an unfair majority of the decade's absolute best:

#3: the decade in timbaland [17:24]

aaliyah - more than a woman (2001)
missy elliott - get ur freak on (2001)
bubba sparxxx - ugly (2001)
cee-lo ft. timbaland - i'll be around (2004)
timbaland ft. nelly furtado and justin timberlake - give it to me (2007)
nelly furtado - maneater (2006)
jay-z - big pimpin (2000)
justin timberlake - what goes around/comes around (2006)
aaliyah - we need a resolution (2001)

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