20 January 2010

2000s mixbursts: progress report

having fun? i am. so, i've got fourteen mixes done now, as of january 20th (actually as of the 19th - haven't done any yet today), which means i'm almost caught up with the days of the month, definitely on a pace to finish one for each day, if not strictly speaking fun *a* day. not sure if i really will continue past the party though – my short-term goal currently is 20 mixes. but hey, if i do end up with 31, i'm almost at the half-way point.

definitely not sticking with my initial time parameters, either in terms of mix length or production time – nava encouraged me to set a goal of only spending one hour per mix, which is proving extremely difficult to keep to...partly because it's sometimes just hard to figure out how to fit things together, partly because i'm being typically perfectionistic about making the transitions nice, partly because of some traktor krashes (annoying, but i basically know what is going to cause them and can usually avoid them), and partly because i keep thinking of new songs to download add to the project, so the "initial preparation" stages keep continuing. this morning's epiphany: "sandstorm"! (have you heard this? tee-hee)]

length-wise, i've got just over four hours of material now. 6h40m[=5cd=1 changer-full] might be a good goal (though i don't see how i could keep it that short with 31 mixes.) but my more immediate concern is the party: five hours of actual dance music is probably about the limit, and i've still got a list of 50+ must include 2k's nostalgia jamz to work in somehow. i could certainly relegate mix13 and i suppose mix8 to pre-party, and perhaps ditch the rock mix to buy some more time. well... we'll just have to see. but i predict the next batch will be srsly all-killer.

[eta: interestingly, i'm running up against a bit of discrepancy in terms of the goal/concept here – between "my favorite of the 2000s" and "the 'best' of 2000s" and "the most nostalgic of the 2000s." i guess i'm trying to balance those about evenly, but leaning more heavily on the latter – there's been some concern about the format being sufficiently nostalgiable. plus, also trying to make it a good dance party...]

incidentally, i've been tracking the number of songs that i use from each year of the decade. here are the stats after the first 14 mixes:

2000: 27
2001: 17
2002: 10
2003: 25
2004: 24
2005: 13
2006: 14
2007: 15
2008: 7
2009: 8

'00 and '03 had whole mixes devoted to them, but it's impressive that '04 is showing nearly as well without any preferential treatment. (i did have one or two really awesome cd-rs of singles from that year, which have been heavily represented here, so that may have something to do with it.) not surprising that the end of the decade is less well repped, but i'm sort of curious about 2002. well, stay tuned for more thrilling developments!

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