14 January 2010

2000s mixburst #5: electro/clash

this stuff was so buzzy in the first few years of the decade, in, seemingly, all the wrong ways ... empty decadent postures, style over substance, blah blah... and i certainly can't say i was ever all that into it at the time – i remember being curious about felix, mostly put off by that one adult. full-length, and slightly repulsed/fascinated by peaches, and adoring one particular ultra electro which i was very tempted to excerpt here (bis and playgroup remixes, "shiny disco balls"... well, maybe they'll get a chance to come out later?)

anyway, yeah, i'm sure there was plenty of bad and/or lame music made under this banner, but this is all sounding pretty good right about now, and, far from the stylistically limited dead-end it at one point appeared to be, extremely prophetic for the rest of the decade. true, almost nobody talks about "electroclash" anymore (that word was probably a large part of the problem? though actually i kinda like it), but we've found ever-so-many more ways to be synthy and sleazy and stylishly dark. i only slipped one late-decade track in here – a seeming has-been remixed by even more of a seeming has-been – but i could have done a lot more than that, just going on aesthetic grounds (some of what i did include probably wouldn't fit a strict definition of electroclash anyway, not that anyone cares.) actually this mixburst gave me the most trouble of any so far in terms of having to leave stuff off. and hence, it's kinda long.

#5: electro/clash [19:25]

Ladytron - Playgirl (2000)
Felix Da Housecat - Silver Screen Shower Scene (2001)
Le Tigre - Deceptacon (DFA Remix) (2001)
Goldenboy with Miss Kittin - Rippin' Kittin (2001)
Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (Blackstrobe Italian Fireflies Bootleg) (2003)
ADULT. - Nausea (Reconstructed) (2000)
Vitalic - No Fun (2005)
Tiga - Shoes (Mr. Oizo Remix) (2009)
Soulwax - NY Excuse (2004)
Peaches - Fuck The Pain Away (2000)
Ellen Allien - Trashscapes (2003)
Fischerspooner - Emerge (2001)

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